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Testimonials FAQ

1. How does bamboo compare in strength to hardwood timber flooring?
Tests have shown that the different styles of bamboo flooring have differences in hardness. The vertical and horizontal bamboo are similar with oak whilst BODA  strand bamboo is twice harder than oak. Additional tests have shown bamboo flooring to be more stable. This means it has a greater structural integrity, with less expanding and contracting than solid timber flooring due to temperature change or humidity.

2. How do I care for my bamboo flooring?
Caring for your bamboo floor is very easy. There’s a quick summary to maintain your floor’s beauty:
1. Install protector felt on furniture
2. Use area rugs on high traffic pathways
3. Place mats at exterior doors to trap sand and grit from incoming traffic
4. Remove spills promptly
5. Vacuum or sweep floor regularly with a soft broom to remove sand and grit
6. We recommend using micro fiber cleaning mops

3. Will my floor be varied in colour like solid timber or laminate flooring?
First, bamboo flooring is one kind of natural products, it must have color variation. BODA floors are all hand selected for colour tones and packed to give a comparatively even coloured floor. However, a small variation is maintained to achieve a natural look. We can achieve varying degrees of colour variation based on your preferences. Please understand this is not a perfect science.

4. Will my bamboo floor change colour over time like timber flooring does?
Yes, like all timber floors, bamboo can change colour over time. The caramelised tones of bamboo will become lighter, while the natural tones can become a darker golden colour. This natural process is caused from continued exposure to natural light. The stronger the light source, the more rapid the colour change. It is our experience that this colour change occurs primarily in the first few months, after this the boards remain quite colour stable.

5. Is the flooring green?
When holding the product, you make notice that it is quite heavy in comparison to timber, so it could be assumed there is a lot of glue in the board. In fact, it has just under 2% glue content in total. So our flooring’s formaldehyde release is only 0.2mg/cm3 which can reach E0 standard and also can get A+ label for VOC test.

6. Is the floor going to require ongoing maintenance?
No special maintenance is required; you simply treat your floor like solid timber or laminate flooring. A number of people choose to recoat their floor with one coat of polish every 5-7 years and on average you would expect to completely resurface your floor every 10-15 years. This is all dependants on how you treat your floor and the amount/type of foot traffic it receives.

7. How do you install BODA flooring?
Premium grade bamboo flooring can be installed by various methods depending on site conditions and the bamboo floor you choose. The boards can be glued directly onto the sub floor, fixed direct to plywood, and we have even floated numerous floors.